Medicare Advantage Acquisitions and Operations


Our Leadership Group has a long and successful track record of  Managing, Investing in, and Acquiring Medicare Advantage Plans,  including principal roles with HealthSpring, Bravo Health Insurance, Windsor Health Group, and

the U.S. Family Health Plan


We achieved this through a process of:

  • Rapid identification of quality and risk coding gaps;

  • Creation of a physician incentive model to close the gaps. 

  • Utilization/Medical Management (Inpatient and Post-Acute);

  • High Risk Case Management;

  • Creation of  Transitional Care Centers;

  • Production of actionable management reports;

  • Empowerment of  management and physicians to make a difference.


Outside of an outright acquisition, we offer an investment model which includes an investment of 20% in the Health Plan linked to Intercede's Management of: 

  • Daily Operations;

  • Provider contracting including incentives;

  • Identification and closure of risk coding gaps;

  • All Medical/Utilization management.